Thursday, March 31, 2011

Unclassified with LastO


Another rap phenomenon bubbling beneath beneath the surface of the mainstream". Since 2008 LastO (Last Offence) has been building a repertoire of music that stretches the limits of what his genre will allow. Born in Saint Louis the young emcee only dabbled in rap music at first, but once relocated to Los Angeles he found it impossible to ignore the urge to be heard. By October of 2008, LastO debuted with the groundbreaking "Run A Lap" (EP) most famous for cult-status hits "So Magical" and "Hello Boyz". By March of 2009, the emcee was already offering a darker, grittier and overall more refined follow-up "Not For Non Profit". Credits include: "New Artist of the Year 2008" and "Best Non-Album of 2008" for "Run A Lap", one of "Top 5 Black Homo-Hop to Watch For" 2009. Quoted in SPIN Magazine, L.A. Times and featured on DJ KaySlay's Shade 45 Radio Show.  LastO is currently working on his third project entitled: "The Campaign Vol. 1: Charm" due out in 2011

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