Saturday, April 16, 2011

La'LE joins TeamEyeCandy


 March 4 1991 (20yrs)
Harlem New york 

 25% Rican 25% Dominican 25% Colombian 25% Filipino = 100% me
and yes i speak it all =) 

Favorite feature would be : my eyes and soft clear skin 

I have the biggest dream and that to act and sing but not all the way im kinda odd as people say but i want to be the best Dentist there is and get known from it i had a hard childhood at a time of point and for some reason a smile would always make my day better that why im so in love with teeth im a junior at Wilmington University as u know dental is my major  class of 2012 =) im a cool person to hang with and the best person for advice because im so drama free and i will tell you how it is friend or family i want the best for you not the opposite, I love to shop all the time, some people may Know me from re-runs of American idol "i know they choose the goofy bitch over me" lol but hey it life i believe god has a better way for me to become famous hopefully easy too lol =)  i love too meet new people and have the best of times. 

Twitter @k3ndawhl   #teamfollowback

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