Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TeamEyeCandy Welcomes Vernett Chloè Hilton

 My name is Vernet Chloe Hilton and I Live in Long Island New York.

I have the biggest dreams of becoming a professional dancer and then later on opening up my own dance business such as a studio. I am very opinionated, motivated, talented, intelligent, and determined. I stand my grounds for what I believe because I know that in this world I can and will make a difference. I'm into fashion and I just love the whole diversity concept within every aspect of life. I am Bi-sexual and as the years past by I'm becoming stronger and more comfortable within my sexuality. People always tell me that I should model, and I've wanted to on a couple of different occasions but sometimes I back track and just think that I'm not good enough. I've been through a lot and accomplished a lot which is why I'm so open minded to the majority of things. Believe it or not I am not perfect and I make mistakes just like everyone else. However, I do learn from mistakes and apply better options to my life. I've cheered on an Allstars Cheerleading team for 2 years known as, Island Xtreme. I've traveled all over to compete and it was a very successful experience. 
I love meeting new people and trying new things so contace me:

@futuristicBro (Twitter) 
Vernett Chris-Inc (Facebook) 
bornthisway (ooVoo) 
32D6D324 (BBM)

Hobbies: Shopping, Singing, Dancing, Writing, Cheerleading. >|< I love: Gummy Bears, Ice Cream, Twix, Pineapples, Strawberry's, Uggs, Tiffany&Co., ETC. >|< Nationality: Dominican,Italian,West Indian

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