Friday, April 29, 2011

Walk of Shame Bag

I more than anyone I know have had to take that walk of shame when I leave a man’s house the next morning. But it is the gay community….and I know I am not the only one taking that walk in the mornings. Do you remember the last time you hooked up with someone and you walked out looking a mess?? Don’t pretend like it was in 2008 because you know it was within the last month. 

When it comes to hooking up with people I have always learned to be prepared because you do not know what situation you get yourself into. So me personally I keep a few things in my "special" bag. Whether you are male or female these items that I have I feel are always essential. I will admit sometimes 

1. Cute Underwear
After the deed is done presentation is still important. Yes you may look a mess and feel a mess but lets say you two get in the shower together and when you get out afterwards he is probably going to see you in your underwear so hey…why not break out your backup cute pair of underwear and pick up a compliment from him while you’re at it. 

2. Lubricant
Only you know what lubricant works best for you; Especially if you are a bottom. Please do not let these crazy men try and use lotion and baby oil or even worse…..VASELINE!!!. That will tear your ass up!! So why not just save yourself the pain and bring lube that you know and trust will make you feel good.

3. Condoms
For your safety have condoms with you. How often have you been in the situation where you do not have condoms and you hear a man trying to be sly and say “Let me just put the head in.” That absolutely does not cut it. You can prevent a lifetime of heart ache by just spending an extra 20 seconds to put a condom on his dick.

4. Toiletries
What better way to remain fresh than have your toiletries? What should be in it? Well deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, some means of a face cleanser [get that jizz out of your pores], soap because you never know what someone is or is not going to have at their home. Cologne and a type of moisturizer is also ideal. 

5. Change of Clothes
You do not want to be seen walking out in the same set of clothes you had on yesterday. Especially if you have to go somewhere right after. So a top, bottom, shoes and accessories would be nice. To avoid getting your clothes from getting wrinkled

6. Extra Cell Phone Battery
In this day and age of cell phones doing absolutely everything imaginable there is no question about it the battery will drain relatively quickly. Sometimes some are a little embarrassed to carry the entire charger or do not even have a chance to charge it so the extra battery will be extremely convenient.

There are many different things you can put in an Walk Of Shame Bag. These are the items that I keep in mine that I need to function efficiently the next day. Hopefully this gives you an idea as to what to put in your bag when you go to hook up with that Mr. Right Now.

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