Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ten Ruls for Hooking Up

1. Always have condoms with you
Let’s say you meet someone at a club and you do all this talking to them investing the time you could be dancing to New Boyz “You’re A Jerk” and you end up going home with them and you do not have condoms!! Assuming the other person will only have protected sex….which is the way it should be then you are covered. You do not want to put your life at risk for a couple hours of pleasure.

2. They Should Be A Stranger
Do not go hooking up with your friends! That is just a mess waiting to happen. In the event you or the other person is clingy they could develop feelings really quickly and it is easier to let someone go if they are a stranger.

3. Do not give them your phone number
That is the last thing you need; someone calling you everyday like you are best friends when all you were meant to do is cum and go. This rule only applies if you are hooking up at a club.

4. Do not go to your place
If you can’t get a quick motel or skeet skeet in the car then go home but if you can, keep them far away from your house. Why do you want some strange ass trick to be showing up at your house everyday trying to get some pipe?

5. Do not fall asleep
If you took this person back to your house or you are at their house you could wake up and see an ugly ass face looking at you. Not to mention they could have been going through your stuff while you were sleeping and now they know all about you when you were just a hookup.

6.Don’t leave tracks
When you walk out you make sure you take absolutely everything with you. Do not leave anything what so ever.

7. Don’t set the mood
Fool this is a hookup not a romantic date! Do not light candles and put scarves on lamp shades and prepare a tray of aphrodisiacs…Just get the dick.

8. Have some respect
Yeah you guys are going to be fucking like beasts but have some respect and do not treat them like whores you paid for. Make sure you both are at ease before you break into things. If you rush into things too quickly then that may be awkward and a turn off for some.

9. Don’t Be Boyfriend #2 For The Night
If he is dating someone….move onto the next person. There are plenty of single men out there that you can hook up with.

10. Do not kiss them when you leave
Kissing them before you leave is a way of saying “I feel you” “This may have been something a little more than a hookup”

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