Saturday, April 9, 2011

Unclassified with Trapboyy

Who is Trapboyy?
Hmmm, Trapboyy is a dude who does porn to entertain ppl all over the world.He is a money maker. A businessman. and a jack of many other trades as well. He is silly and serious when need be. He is fun and happy spirited and doesn't look for trouble. He is adventurous and at times outspoken. Overall, Trapboyy is a cool dude who keeps to himself.

What was your reason getting involved in the industry?
I hit a hard time in my life and at the time wasn't much of a entrepreneur. I had a friend in the industry who helped me to get in and once he did that it became a way to help get me back on my feet. (To know the whole story of "Why I started, Stopped and Restarted Doing Porn" you can visit and look in the February Posts for that particular blog entry.)

What would you be doing if you weren't involved in the industry?
Uhm that's a hard one lol cause I possess so many talents. Like for instance I can sing, write, cook, and design things just to name a few. I have held several management positions in the past for Food Service as well as Fashion Retail so lol who knows my main focus right now tho is being an adult entertainer!

What advice do you have to others interested in coming into the industry? and what they should do to find the right company to work for?
My advice to anyone trying to become an adult entertainer or PornStar is 1st make sure its something you can live with for the rest of your life. I'm not saying its a bad thing however I am saying some come in thinking that they can handle the scrutiny and they soon find they can't. There is more to being an adult entertainer or PornStar than a lot of ppl know of. If you find that it is something you wanna do I would compel who ever it is to do research on which ever company it is you are trying to join. (i.e. get in contact with models via social media sites and get their opinion of the companies they represent or have represented and go from there!) Everyone who signs the checks or hands out the money is not looking for whats in you (the models) best interest so you have to do it yourself.

When you first got started in the industry, did you think you'd be as popular as you are now?
I couldn't have imagined in all my years of living that I would be as popular as I am in the industry. The fans love for me has definitely takin me by surprise and I am humbled each day I wake up and know that a bunch of ppl who don't know me are rooting for me, not just as a PornStar but an overall adult entertainer.

Who have been some of your favorite performers? least favorite to work with?
I thoroughly enjoyed Cuban and Chase Coxxx. I can't really say that there has been a performer I didn't like working with cause in the end the decision to work with anyone is all mine.

What would you like to say to your fans/the readers of this blog?

All I can ever say is Thank You! I mean like most other things this could have happened to anyone but it happened to me and I am both grateful and super excited about the months and years to come.

Have you heard of the twitter campaign (I started) trying to get you and Black Ryan to DC the their black pride events?
No I haven't heard of it however it did see your tweets about us coming to DC for pride!

You've been known not to try and have beef with people, but there have been a few models you've had a public (twitter) beef with. Why do you think they TRY to come for you?
Lol I have no clue. In both cases that you are referring to both models started attacking me 1st and I just blasted back. But that wont happen again (me blasting back) lol its not needed.

As a performer what makes you different from the other?
Quite a few things lol but we can't and won't get into them all right now. I'll just say that I do porn not just for the money but also to entertain and not every pornstar or model can say that.

Other then working in the industry what are your other plans for the future?
I am fully invested into working in the porn industry probably for the rest of my life. I'll enjoy the title "PornStar" for a little while but while also looking to start my own production company. There have already been talks about turning into a pay site so yea the porn industry is most definitely where I'm staying!

You've been featured in various types of scenes ranging from solos, to group scenes , but which scenes do you prefer and why?
I personally like the one on one scenes. Its not as much goin on on set and there is less to do when its just one on one!

HIV/AIDS is a huge epidemic in society and of course the African American community, but bareback sex seems to be on the rise, in your opinion why is that? Do you think society as a whole are risk takers?
I have no clue. I mean straight porn has been bareback for years and no one said anything about it but the fact of the matter is were all adults and we are all responsible solely for the decisions we make as adults. No one is making me or anyone that does bareback porn do something he or she doesn't wanna do. So to answer your question society is what society wants to be I don't think porn has an influence either way. And please don't be fooled just cause we have bareback sex does not mean everyone is HIV/AIDS positive. Not every company, but definitely my company, Black Rayne, takes high precautions for its models and does request test results to make sure no mis-haps happen. I prefer having raw sex and knowing my co-stars status vs having protected sex and not knowing anything and still come back with some kind of STD! #NotCute

How and when did you lose your virginity?
Lol I lost my virginity to a girl at 13 and to a dude at 16. In both instances they were both my age and we were dating. They both happened at my house.

What do you enjoy doing sexually?
My favorite thing to do sexually is give and get head! I will occasionally eat ass but that's usually reserved for the special ones lol...

Do you get into kinds of fetishes off camera?The only thing I can say that I have gotten into and enjoyed is role play and yes I do love to have sex in the public where there is some danger of me getting caught lol a high turn on!!! 

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